Edu-Tech Conference

9 07 2008

Last week I got the chance to attend the largest educational technology in the world. One person told me there was 18,000 people at the conference, and hundreds of exhibitors showing their wares. There were formal presentations and lectures to attend, but by the end of the three days I found myself wandering around the exhibition hall more and more.

This place fascinated me. It reminded me of the Dallas Auto Show. Plush carpet, over-sized signs hanging from the ceiling, plasma TVs, bright colors, and lots of tiny seating. Yeah, tiny seating. The larger exhibitors would do ten minute presentations every few minutes to lure people into buying their solution to lagging test scores. Everyone seemed to have a different approach to seating as well. Here are a few examples:

The seating in the last picture is my favorite.  Each seat is a letter on the keyboard.  It is too bad the product that company was pushing was worthless.

The other thing that stuck out to me about the conferences was the high number of technology experts (aka Geeks) there were.  I guess it shouldn’t be too shocking considering what the conference was about.  There was a band on stage one night playing music (one song was about Wikipedia. . .go figure) and being simulcast in the virtual world of 2nd Life.  You could watch the band in real life, or go down the hall and watch the digital avatars of the band awkwardly move and play in front of the Alamo (since we were in San Antonio). I heard one group of geeks talking at a nearby restaurant one night, but could never get their jokes. The punchline of one joke was, “And then I told her it must have been a Linux server!” This was followed by much laughter.

It was a good few days.  I got some ideas for things to do next year, and some free stuff from some vendors.




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9 07 2008

That’s how I feel when I attend any conference with Michael. I tend to have a glazed look over my face at mealtimes when I join him and fellow “geeks”. I also never get the jokes. Cool keyboard chairs though!

31 08 2008
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