Olympic Fever

11 08 2008

Since Friday night, when the television has been on it has been tuned to an NBC channel covering the Olympics.  I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics, but this year I have to admit it has gone a bit overboard.  Even Laura has gotten in on the action, flipping between volleyball matches and swimming in order to maximize our sportage.

The biggest reason we have been avid views was the opening ceremonies.  Anyone who saw it has to admit it was pretty cool.  Although Laura’s comment that a dictatorial communist regime can force its people to do anything no matter the cost was pretty entertaining as well.  In order to celebrate the opening ceremonies, Laura brought home fried won tons and spring rolls while I whipped up my signature stir-fry.  Nothing like a mega dose of MSG to get a night off to a good start.

Favorite Olympic Things so far:

  • Direct TV’s interactive menu with detailed event listing and medal count
  • NBC’s online video.  I can pick four different events to watch at once in addition to my television!  I am pretty sure it is impossible to enjoy that much sport at once, but I like the fact that I could enjoy it.
  • Men’s 400m Freestyle Relay.  I almost felt sorry for the French. Almost.  If you missed this one, you have to find the video online and watch it.
  • Just watched the Men’s Team Gymnastics, and I hate to admit it. . .but it was pretty intense. The USA surprised everyone and got a hard earned bronze.



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