What I Don’t Like About the Olympics

14 08 2008

Are the Olympics a good thing?  Yes, of course.

Do I enjoy watching the world’s best athletes compete from the comfort of my own home? Giddy up.

Have Laura and I been watching them almost non-stop the past week? You bet.

Are there moments that make me want change the channel to the ever present Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes on TLC? Every night.

So far, Laura and I can’t seem to get enough Olympic action at the Water Cube.  There is something about swimming that draws you in.  Phelps is a big draw.  It also helps that the United States seems to get two out of three medals in almost every event.  The moving green line indicating world record pace adds another dimension to each race as well.

Then there is good old Bella Caroli giving his insights to Bob Costas each night.  Caroli is like that great uncle who is just old enough to not care about what he says and is slightly racist.  You can feel the tension on set whenever he starts talking about how the Chinese women’s team is still wearing underoos.

But this is about what I don’t like:

  • Diving: There are multiple things I don’t like about this one thing.  First of all, I can’t tell the difference between a good and bad dive. Then there are the curiously small swim suits the men wear.  Finally, the constant showering after each dive.  You would think there is radioactive waste in that pool.
  • Enough Volleyball Already: I think 50% of the coverage on NBC involves volleyball. I have also noticed that every beach volleyball player wears a number on their jersey/bra.  That number is always either 1 or 2.
  • Presidential Campaign Commercials:  I thought living in the reddest of red states made me immune from having to sit through thirty seconds of political idolatry.
  • “Syncro” Diving: All the same reasons, except double.
  • More Sports: Swimming and Gymnastics are great and all, but what about all the other events that are going on.  How ’bout some badminton highlights?



2 responses

14 08 2008

LOL! Amen to the Volleyball! During the day, during the night… it’s everywhere, all the time. Enough! Just let me know when it gets to the end and it’s actually exciting.

Ditto on diving. But, I don like the “syncro” diving because you can tell when there’s no “syncro”.

15 08 2008

I’ve always wondered about the showering divers. You don’t see the swimmers doing it. Maybe it is just something divers do when they are nervously waiting for their scores.

I’m coming to resent all sports where the score is primarily based on the judges evaluation.

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