About RTSS

My christian name is Charles, and I am married to my wife of almost 3 years, Laura. Together with our dog, Deacon, and our horse, Albert, we live miles from anything of real importance which makes us quite happy.

Happy CoupleI teach history, and Laura tries to convince doctors that her company’s version of some drug is much better than some other company’s. We attend Westminster Presbyterian Church in Bryan, TX. This means we think we are right about almost everything, yet simultaneouly see this as proof of our own utter and complete sinfullness.

As for the name of this blog–Running to Stand Still–I got it from the song list off The Joshua Tree by U2. I know some of you have already questioned my choice in the naming this blog. Some of you might even count yourself among the “hip” because you know that Bono meant the song to really be about the horrors of addiction to heroine. Yeah. . .well, get over it. I think it sounds cool, and goes along with my self imposed (or was it?) nickname: Slackerman.


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23 07 2007

Greetings Slackerman!

I enjoy reading your blog from time to time when I’m perusing the internet in search of an entertaining read. Glad to know you’re so cyber-popular now with your Aggie uniform search reigning you in as king of googledom. Cindy and I are working to get save-the-date cards out and need your help. I need yours and Laura’s of course, but would also like to get the Branagins and Chris’s from you as well if handy. It’d help a ton, thanks and can’t wait to make it down to CS again!!

8 09 2007
Laura Miller

Hey Charles! or should I call you Slackerman?? Paul and I had lunch last Sunday with the Gardner’s and your parents. I heard of your internet fame about some aggie business I could care less about since I am a tea sipper. I have sent you some email updates in the past but never heard back. “Does he still want to be my friend?” “Does he care?” I cry myself to sleep at night on my HUGE PILLOW with these question plaguing my mind. So really, What email are you using now? How are you all? I hear you are a deacon… Do they know about your past? Well, within a year, if Paul receives a call, I will be a pastor’s wife. Weird isn’t it! We are hoping to do RUF. We went through the assessment center this summer and past. I would love to catch up more sometime. And maybe invite myself down to see you. Paul likes to visit the presidential libraries. I thought it might be a good excuse to see this barn you built. Well, say hello to Laura and shoot me an email when you have a minute.

11 09 2007

Laura you are always welcome to visit the homestead. Just let us know when you two would like to visit and we can make it happen. Please don’t tell my session about my past. . . .

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